What To Look For When Buying Art At An Online Auction


Art lovers worldwide have been purchasing items from online auction sites for years. And with the current circumstances, online auctions have become more prevalent, making it easier to delve into the art world.

Buying art at online auctions can turn out to be a fantastic way to find original pieces at affordable prices. But you need to know what to look for before making a bid. Whether you are a beginner or an avid collector, here are a few things you should keep in mind before you bid on art at an online auction.

Examine the Photos

Examining the photos provided in an online art auction is your primary source of visual information about the artwork, especially since you can't inspect it in person.

High-quality photos can offer insights into the piece's color, texture, and condition, helping you make an informed decision. Look for clear, well-lit images that show the artwork from multiple angles and perspectives. Close-up shots can also provide valuable details about the work's texture and any potential flaws or damage.

Another reason to carefully examine the photos is to verify the artwork's authenticity. Many reputable online auctions will provide images of signatures, maker's marks, or any certificates of authenticity that accompany the piece.

These can be crucial for verifying the artist's identity and ensuring the artwork is not a forgery. If these images are not provided, you may want to request them from the seller or the auction house.

Lastly, photos can give you a sense of the artwork's scale and size. This is particularly important for online auctions, as it can sometimes be difficult to gauge the size of a piece based solely on its description.

Many auctions will include photos of the artwork displayed in a room or next to common objects, providing a visual reference for its size. Knowing the scale of the piece can help you determine whether it will fit in your desired space and meet your expectations.

Read the Description Carefully

The description of the artwork is just as important as the photos, providing vital information about its condition and provenance. Be sure to read every word of the description and pay attention to any defects or alterations made to the piece.

The description should also include a list of materials used in the creation and any conservation or repair work that has been done. This is especially important for older works, as it can give insight into how the piece has been cared for over time.

Finally, the description should indicate whether any paperwork, such as a certificate of authenticity or provenance documentation, is included with the artwork. This can help you verify that the piece is genuine and provide information about its past owners, which may add to its value. For more information on online Native American art auctions, contact a professional near you.


18 July 2023

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