3 Types Of Custom Frames Orders Ideal For Wrestling Fans


Wrestling memorabilia has been around for decades and fans of pro wrestling can showcase their favorite pieces with hung projects on the wall. Help secure and showcase pieces of wrestling memorabilia when you rely on custom picture framing services.

Check out some of the more unique frames you can order for your own wall or for a wrestling fan in your life.

1. Ticket Stub Frames

If you or a family member has attended live wrestling events in the past, then you can collect your ticket stubs and create a nice display piece. A framed ticket stub highlights the event name and date you went, and will instantly bring back a lot of memories. You could gather all of your ticket stubs together to create a unique collage.

You could choose your favorite ticket stub and seek out a custom frame that highlights the stub and an event picture or poster. The combination adds a nice visual to the display piece.

2. Wrestling Magazine Frames

For multiple decades, many wrestling companies have published magazines that highlight wrestlers, events, and key moments in wrestling history. You can capture memories of those events forever with framed magazines. A framed magazine will not only help showcase the magazine cover, but it provides extra protection from UV light and damage.

You have many options for the custom frame. For example, you could select a single magazine cover with your favorite wrestlers on it. You could also select a collection of three or four of your favorite magazines to have framed together. A custom framing service can ensure the covers remain flat and smooth inside the frames.

3. Wrestling Shirt Frames

Wrestling shirts have remained popular through the years and often feature flashy and colorful designs that look like pieces of art. If you have a favorite wrestling shirt you no longer wear, then consider putting the shirt inside a custom frame. A frame company can provide a clean fold that fits perfectly inside the frame and showcases the main art on the shirt.

If you've attended live events and purchased a shirt, then the frame is an ideal way to memorialize the event. You could also combine the shirt with the ticket stub to create a custom frame that captures both designs. If you have multiple shirts, then consider a larger frame that holds all of the shirts to create one bigger display piece.

Go through all of your wrestling memorabilia or purchase new pieces to help you decide which custom frame options you want to choose from to capture your love of pro wrestling. For help exploring frame options, contact a picture framing service such as Nainsook Framing & Art.


12 December 2022

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