Let A Wargame Miniature Painting Service Paint Your Pieces For Convenience And For The Best Results


If you love collecting wargame miniatures, but you don't enjoy the tedious process of painting them, look into hiring a wargame miniature painting service. Doing so allows you to add to your collection more quickly since you can have the miniatures painted and on display or in play rather than wait until you can get motivated to paint them yourself. Here are some things to know about working with a wargame miniature painting service.

The Pieces Look Professionally Done

A miniature painting service employs artists to do the painting. They have talent and skill for meticulous work, so the results are professionally done. If you're not artistically inclined, your miniatures might be smudged or be out of the lines. It can be difficult to paint miniatures, unless you love to do it and have the knack for it.

You Can Choose Your Level Of Detail

If you want to control the costs of painting your miniatures, you may only want basic painting done that fills in the larger areas of the piece, such as the clothing. If you want a more detailed painting, you can pay more, but the cost is worth it to have more beautiful miniatures.

Talk to the painting service about their prices. You may want a few key pieces with fine details painted and just basic painting on the rest of the army miniatures.

You Can Choose Your Colors

You have full control over how the pieces are painted. It will be like you painted them yourself without having to go to all the trouble. You can choose the colors and where you want them applied, and you can choose this for each piece or each class of pieces. Be sure to supply written instructions or photos of how you want the pieces to look when finished.

The Painting Service Might Provide Other Services Too

Ask the wargame miniature painting service if they can put your miniatures together if you find that difficult or boring. The service might even be able to source miniatures that are difficult to find. Additional service will cost more, but if you don't have time to assemble an army yourself, it's worth it to pay someone else to do it.

You don't need to order a painting job for an army of wargame miniatures. The wargame miniature painting service should be able to paint your pieces one at a time if that's the way you prefer to do it. You may not care about having all the pieces painted, so you can choose which pieces to paint and exactly how you want the work done.


2 August 2022

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