Four Items That Should Go In Climate-Controlled Storage


Are you in need of a storage unit, but unsure if you should get a standard unit or one with climate controls? You should consider climate controls if you are storing any of the following items.

Wood Furniture

Any furniture items that are made out of wood can really benefit from being in climate-controlled storage. This is due to how wood contracts and expands when it is in environments with fluctuating temperatures, which is not good for the longevity of the material. In addition, moisture can get into the wood and cause your furniture to swell and warp. It may not come out of a normal storage unit looking the same as when it was put into storage.

Leather Furniture

Leather is another material that can become damaged easily when it is stored in a normal storage unit. Much like with wood, leather also can change shape due to being in an environment with fluctuating temperatures. The leather can warp and shrink, which will affect how the item looks and feels when it eventually comes out of storage. While you can cover the leather with a leather conditioning product, you'll have much better results using climate-controlled storage. 


Your electronic devices have metal components inside of them, which are typically the circuit boards that are the brains of the devices. Unfortunately, the humidity of a normal storage unit can cause moisture to get on these electrical components, causing them to rust and corrode. It's a great reason to justify the cost of upgrading to a climate-controlled unit, because those electronic items that you are storing may become damaged when the day comes that you need to use them again. 

Collectable Paper Items

Anything made out of paper can benefit from climate controls, which include collectables that you want to hold onto for a very long time and maintain their value. This includes books, stamps, baseball cards, photographs, and things of that nature. Temperature and humidity changes run the risk of causing these items to lose their pristine shape and look over time. Paper items can actually dry out and become more brittle, or cause improperly stored items to stick to one another. Since the purpose of collecting and storing the items is to retain their value, you'll find that a normal storage unit will be a big mistake. 

Reach out to a storage facility for more tips about when a climate-controlled storage unit is necessary. 


25 February 2022

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