Tips For Writing Farm Animal Comic Strips


The farm is a wholesome setting, and the animals on a farm provide plenty of fodder for laughter. Together, this combination makes farms great settings for comic strips. If you're writing a farm animal comic strip, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Use a Different Animal for Each Main Character

Make each of the main characters in your comic strip a different type of animal. For example, a cow, a horse, a pig, and a goose could be your four main characters. You don't want to make all four, or even two, of the main characters the same exact animal. This tactic has a few benefits.

First, people have different favorite farm animals. By incorporating many different animals into your main character lineup, you'll increase the likelihood that someone sees their favorite animal among your characters. If a person sees their favorite animal, they'll more easily identify with the strip and be more prone to read it.

Second, using different characters makes it possible to incorporate a greater variety of colors into your strip. Each strip will likely have at least a couple of your main characters, and those characters will probably be significantly different colors. This creates a more visually captivating strip.

Third, readers can more easily identify characters if each main character is a different animal. Your readers will have an easier time remembering the different characters since they look so different, and you won't have to identify characters that are too visually similar. Regular readers will know what character each farm animal is.

Draw Different Types of Crops

Even though your comic strip centers on farm animals, crops will inevitably appear in some panels. They might be in the forefront of panels if animals venture into fields, or the crops may remain in the background only. In either case, make sure you draw different types of crops.

Using multiple types of crops will further give your comic strip more color variation and create a more visually interesting strip. You can also use the different crops to draw out character traits if your animals each prefer to eat a different plant.

Allude to Off-Farm Locations

Either through your backgrounds or dialog, make periodic allusions to off-farm locations. You might reference a farmer's market, general store, or relative's house, for instance. These alluded-to locations can become settings for storylines in the future as your comic strip grows. Get started on your farm animal comic strips today. 


25 November 2020

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