Custom Photos For Invitations And A Graduation Party


Are you looking for a personalized way to announce your child's graduation from high school, and do you want to provide your family and friends with beautiful photography from the day of the event? If you are going to be hosting an informal celebration after your child walks down the stage to receive their diploma, custom backdrops can be used to create beautiful invitations and will promote the perfect setting to take some pictures of your child and their friends during the festivities.

Choose A Meaningful Design

Choose a custom design for each backdrop. Do you want to focus on the fact that your loved one is graduating from a specific school, or do you want to highlight some of their interests, place of birth, or some of the milestones that they incurred over the years? Any artwork that you have that pertains to the designs can be uploaded to the backdrop company's order page. You can also use photographs, personal drawings, or a description to relay the information that you desire through the ordering system.

Choose matte vinyl or a lightweight or heavyweight cloth to have the design printed on. Backdrop material can be cut to whatever size you need, so if you are planning on taking large group photos or are going to be using a photo booth during the graduation party, you may want to order different-sized backdrops than the one that is going to be utilized for the individual photos of your child that will be taken in preparation for creating the graduation announcements and invitations. 

Mount The Backdrop To A Stand

Clips can be used to secure a backdrop to a metal photography stand. If you order backdrops that contain pockets, the looped cloth will fit snugly around the poles, and you won't need to worry about slippage or one of the backdrop's possessing a wrinkled appearance during a photo shoot. After designing the invitations, prepare note cards that contain information about the graduation party.

Include details about the photo opportunity that will be offered during the gathering so that people who would like to have their picture taken alongside your daughter or son can choose a special outfit or pair of shoes that they would like to wear to the party. If you are hiring a photographer to take the photos at the party, let them know how you would like to use custom designed photography backdrops during the photo session. Lighting, props, and decorative accessories can be used to enhance each picture that is taken.


13 October 2019

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