3 Reasons To Rent A Self-Storage Unit If You Collect Antiques


Collecting antiques can be a fun hobby or a profitable business venture. No matter which reason you go hunting for vintage treasures, a self-storage unit offers a convenient option for storing your finds. Here are three reasons why you should consider renting a storage unit for your antiques.

Safe Storage Conditions

Storing antiques in your attic or basement can leave them susceptible to moisture, as well as mold and mildew growth. Extreme changes in temperature can also damage precious antiques. With a climate-controlled storage unit, you can keep your antiques stored safely in the ideal conditions needed to prevent your items from being damaged. Ask the storage facility about the temperature and humidity settings, and see if the temperature can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of certain types of antiques to help ensure all your items remain free from damage.

Repair Workshop Space

A self-storage unit can also provide a handy place for restoring or making minor repairs to antiques. If you should choose to use the storage space for this purpose, select a unit that's larger than you would normally need for storage. This will provide the extra room you need to add tables and tools for repairing your items. Be sure that the unit has proper ventilation if you will be using chemicals, such as paint or varnish. You may also need additional power outlets to run equipment needed to sand furniture, clean jewelry, or sew damaged vintage clothing. Ask about electrical access, ventilation, and lighting before you sign the lease so you know the unit will have everything you need to make needed repairs.

Inventory Space

Whether your antique inventory is for sale or it's your own personal collection, you may find that the items take up too much room in your home. You can use your storage unit as an inventory warehouse or personal antique gallery. Use storage shelves to store or display small items, and keep large items stored on top of pallets to keep them safely off of the floor and away from dirt, dust, and potential moisture. If you'll be using the space to hold inventory, consider arranging items by size and sale price to make them easier to find when you have an interested buyer. For storing a personal collection, group similar items together and store them in a way that maximizes your available storage space. Be sure to leave aisles to walk through for either storage reason so you can access items as you need them.

In addition to keeping your items safe from damage and keeping your home free from clutter, a storage space also affords extra room for unique finds. You can shop with confidence knowing that you can buy a large piece of antique furniture and already have a place to store it.

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6 March 2018

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